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yh1122银河国际 Important announcement -- French presidential election

發佈 2022.04.21 10:03am GMT

In view of the uncertainty of the results of the second round of the French presidential election on April 24, 2022, some currency pairs, commodities and stock index commodities may experience sharp market volatility, weak market liquidity, widening spreads and price anomalies。 If you intend to keep your open position during the French presidential election, make sure you have sufficient funds in your trading account to avoid the possibility of margin calls or forced liquidations that could affect your trading position。 Kindly remind you: please use the latest version of yh1122银河国际 MT4/MT5 to grasp the most up-to-date and correct margin requirements。 [..]


yh1122银河国际 Latin America seminar series will begin soon

發佈 2022.04.12 10:58am GMT

We will be hosting a series of free seminars in Latin American cities over the next two months。 The first was on the combination and use of technical indicators in Chile, followed by seminars on developing good and sustainable trading habits in Costa Rica and Panama。 Professional lecturers Felipe Erazo and Facundo Molina will share the important knowledge of the right combination of technical indicators and risk management, as well as guide participants on practical skills in personal trading。 此外,所有與會者皆能免費獲得 Tradepedia 的獨家技術分析工具 – Avramis Analyzer 指標,同時還能參加十份驚喜禮品*的幸運抽獎! * Terms and regulations apply。 The seminar schedule is as follows: [..]


Mexico forex seminar series successfully concluded: thanks to all customers who attended

發佈 2022.04.11 1:41 PM GMT

yh1122银河国际 held three exclusive deal seminars in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara in February and March 2022。 In each seminar, Spanish instructor Felipe Erazo teaches participants how to combine indicators, oscillations, and the Japanese candle diagram。 We would like to thank all our customers for attending the seminar. Please browse the following photo albums for the wonderful photos and highlights of the event。 At the same time, there will be more yh1122银河国际 seminars in the future, all customers are welcome to attend。 [..]


If tiger Tim "Billion" Trading Competition - Winner list

發佈 2022.04.8:24 PM GMT

We are very happy to conclude the "Yi" Transaction Contest held from March 1 to March 31, 2022. Congratulations to all the winning clients。 This activity calculates a participant's competition ranking in three categories: overall ranking, net profit points and net profit。The overall ranking is the sum of the customer's revenue singular ranking and the other two rankings during the competition。The winners split 215 cash prizes worth more than $56,000 *。 We are pleased to announce the top 5 winners of the overall ranking and the top 10 winners of the individual ranking。 Overall ranking winners [..]


Ecuador forex Seminar successfully concluded: thanks to all our customers who attended

發佈 2022.04.6 8:00 AM GMT

On March 26, 2022, yh1122银河国际 successfully concluded its exclusive trading seminar held in Quito, Capital of Ecuador。 Felipe Erazo, a Lecturer in Spanish, teaches participants how to combine indicators, oscillations and the Japanese candle diagram。 We would like to thank all our customers for attending the seminar. Please browse the following photo albums for the wonderful photos and highlights of the event。 At the same time, there will be more yh1122银河国际 seminars in the future, all customers are welcome to attend。 [..]


Gold seminar - Bahrain successfully closed, thanks to all customers attending!

發佈 2022.04.5 8:40 AM GMT

We are pleased to have The opportunity to host a free seminar on The Diplomat Radisson Blu in Manama on 19 March 2022 for The full range of gold trading guides, to which we would like to thank all our clients。 Tradepedia professional lecturers Habib Akiki and Avramis Despotis,Explain all the fundamentals of gold trading in detail during the seminar,It also teaches participants how to use the trading cycle and Avramis Gold indicators to trade。 We are planning more seminars and online lectures to inspire more responses. For more details, click here。 Thank you for taking the time to attend this seminar. Welcome to browse the selected photo album for the wonderful photos and highlights of the event。 [..]


Important Notice - Public Holidays in April

發佈 2022.03.31 1:52 PM GMT

Important Notice - Public Holiday Messages for April - Bank - Holidays-Notification -2022 We hereby inform you,Because of the Catholic and Orthodox Easter holidays in April,The trading hours of some commodities will be affected from April 5 to 25, 2022。 Please take the time to check the types and status of the following affected commodities: [..]


The South African Trading seminar came to a successful conclusion: thanks to all customers who attended

發佈 2022.03.22 11:13am GMT

yh1122银河国际 has successfully wrapped up its exclusive index trading seminar series in three South African cities from February to March 2022。 Tradepedia professional lecturer Avramis Despotis leads participants in a seven-hour seminar on the constituent characteristics of index structure in the US market, and how to get the know-how of stock and FOREIGN exchange movements first。 Participants also learned more about index-related macroeconomic dynamics and how to use fundamental and technical analysis to identify the best trading opportunities。 We would like to thank all our clients who attended the seminar and all of them who worked together to ensure the success of the event 。 At the same time, there will be more yh1122银河国际 seminars in the future, all customers are welcome to attend。 For photos and highlights of the event, please browse the album。 [..]


yh1122银河国际 joins hands with MyCARE to help victims of floods in Malaysia

發佈 2022.03.22 9:20 am GMT

yh1122银河国际 recently donated to MyCARE to help the victims of the devastating floods that hit Malaysia in December 2021。 MyCARE is a non-profit charitable organization accredited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council and dedicated to assisting all families most affected by disasters。 The floods have caused countless human and animal casualties, property losses, crop damage, and the health of many victims has deteriorated due to waterborne diseases。 Our donation has been funded in three ways since January。The first direction is to assist in the post-disaster clean-up of Garat town in Pahang State。In the other two directions, assistance will be provided to Tambian and Manji in Negeri Sembilan and Saanam in Selangor, respectively, to provide essential food and daily necessities to the affected people and to alleviate the lingering effects of the monsoon rains following the floods。 To date, this is yh1122银河国际's largest charity project in Malaysia, and it is also our wish to practice social responsibility and lend a helping hand to people in need around the world。 If you are interested in making a donation or learning about MyCARE, please click here。 [..]


Peru Symposium: Secrets of Continuous trading

發佈 2022.03.21 10:53am GMT

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, we will be at The Delstains Hotel, Peru & The Convention Centre hosts a free seminar on developing the habit of continuous trading。 The seminar will be held from 10:00 to 13:00. Facundo Molina, a professional lecturer, will guide participants to learn how to develop a trading plan to ensure the continuous realization of controlled trading results and maintain a longer and stable trading career。 All participants will learn how to distinguish the characteristics and differences among forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies。The seminar will also cover the use of probability and crowd psychology in trading to identify market movements。 同時,所有與會者皆可參加幸運抽獎,亦可免費獲取 Avramis Analyzer 指標!* 無論您選擇何種交易商品,此次研討會將帶領您探討並掌握金融市場,絕對不容錯過。 For more details and registration, please click here。 * Terms and regulations apply。 [..]

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