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Energy - point difference/condition

The commodity code Product overview The lowest price
Minimum price fluctuation 點差
The value of 1 hand Minimum/maximum number of trades Margin ratio Stop profit loss distance *
OIL WTI Oil 0.01000 USD 1 0.03 100 Barrels 1/400 1.5 % 0
NGAS Natural Gas 0.00100 USD 1 0.03 1000 MMBtu 1/300 3 % 0
OILMn WTI Oil Mini 0.01000 USD 0.1 0.03 10 Barrels 1/4000 1.5 % 0
GSOIL London Gas Oil 0.01000 USD 0.04 1.2 4 Tonnes 1/500 3 % 0
BRENT Brent Crude Oil 0.01000 USD 1 0.03 100 Barrels 1/400 1.5 % 0

* Set minimum stop profit/loss margin based on current market price。

Margin for CFDS is calculated as follows: number of hands * contract size * opening price * margin percentage。Margin requirements are calculated with your account leverage無關

Margin ratios typically need to be higher than 100%, and 50% if CFDS are used。

The above spread/condition applies to all types of yh1122银河国际 trading accounts

Please note that the platform does not provide automatic renewal after the futures contract expires。

Negative price financial commodities are not applicable on this trading platform。Therefore, when energy commodities (OIL, OILMn, BRENT, GSOIL and NGAS) fall to zero, the company will force liquidation at the last effective market price。

The commodity code Product overview Server time Working days Markets open on Monday Closed on Friday
OIL WTI Oil GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
NGAS Natural Gas GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
OILMn WTI Oil Mini GMT +3 01:05-23:55 01:05 23:10
GSOIL London Gas Oil GMT +3 03:05-23:55 03:05 23:10
BRENT Brent Crude Oil GMT +3 03:05-00:55 03:05 23:10

Please note that the platform does not provide automatic renewal after the futures contract expires。

Name of commodity The commodity code Contract months Opening date * Closing date only * Due Date * Due month Expired contract **
Brent Crude Oil BRENT Jul 2022-04-27 2022-05-27 2022-05-30 月度 Expired contract **
London Gas Oil GSOIL May 2022-04-07 2022-05-05 2022-05-06 月度 Expired contract **
Natural Gas NGAS Jun 2022-04-26 2022-05-24 2022-05-25 月度 Expired contract **
WTI Oil OIL Jun 2022-04-18 2022-05-18 2022-05-19 月度 Expired contract **
WTI Oil Mini OILMn Jun 2022-04-18 2022-05-18 2022-05-19 月度 Expired contract **

* Only liquidated positions and maturity dates are subject to change before the closing date。This is based on rollover rules set by mobile quotation providers and is affected by the liquidity of the contract and the next new contract。The opening day of a new contract, usually the expiry date of the previous contract。

** Due dates vary from month to month depending on the delivery schedule and contract liquidity of the mobile offeror。

Please note that the platform does not provide automatic renewal service after the expiration of the financial futures contract。

About energy

Energy prices are most typically characterized by high volatility as a result of political and environmental influences。Many supply and demand factors also influence energy prices, most notably global economic growth。 當經濟繁榮時,能量需求增加;當經濟蕭條時,能量消費減少。

In addition to economic changes, catastrophic weather conditions can also have a dramatic impact on energy, leading to disruptions in supplies of crude oil, natural gas or oil。Thus, such conditions can increase or decrease the demand for customer service associated with these energies。In addition, global energy prices at some of the world's largest gas fields are largely affected by political instability。

Oil has a global, 24-hour market and its price is constantly changing。The oil market is ideal for day traders looking for quick moves and choosing CFDs as the easiest way to trade oil prices。

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