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yh1122银河国际 MT5-1 platform, 7 asset classes

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Access to world financial markets!


How can I trade on MT5 platform?

The MT5 platform can only trade with an MT5 account。MT4 accounts cannot be traded on MT5 platform。Please open an MT5 accountClick here to

Can I access MT5 using the MT4 account ID?

No, you need an MT5 trading account。Please open an MT5 accountClick here to

How do I authenticate my MT5 account?

If you already have an yh1122银河国际 MT4 account, you can add another MT5 account in the Members section without having to re-submit your authentication information。However, if you are a new customer, you will need to provide the necessary authentication information (for example, proof of identity and proof of address)。

What can I trade on MT5?

On the MT5 platform, you can trade all of yh1122银河国际's commodities, including stock indices, foreign exchange, precious metals and energy。

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